a film on the PA model around the world

The film is showing around the world:

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Soweto, South Africa

'Soweto, South Africa'

Clin-A, South Africa

'Clin-A, South Africa,'

PA, United States

'PA, United States'

Eggs, United States

'Eggs, United States'

Hospital, Australia

'Hospital, Australia'

PA, Australia

'PA, Australia'

PA, Liberia

'PA, Liberia'

Street, Liberia

'Street, Liberia'

PA, Netherlands

'PA, Netherlands'

Knight, Netherlands

'Knight, Netherlands'

Street, India

'Street, India'

PA, India

'PA, India'

PA Student, UK

'PA Student, UK'

Street, UK

'Street, UK'

Street, Laos

'Street, Laos'

PA Volunteer, Laos

'PA Volunteer, Laos'

PA, Israel

'PA, Israel'

Ambulance, Israel

'Ambulance, Israel'

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PA models in different parts of the world
 Practitioner  Countries 
 Physician Assistant  United States, Liberia, India, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Israel 
 Physician Associate  United Kingdom, Ireland 
 Clinical Officer Kenya 
 Medical Licentiate  Zambia 
 Health Officer  Ethiopia 
 Clinical Associate  South Africa 

This list is not all-inclusive and will be changing as more countries adopt the model or standardize their educations and titles. For data at the time of filming, see the paper "Global Expansion of the physician assistant profession: healthcare system needs, scope of practice and future directions" by Carolyn Kussmaul.

Or check with the International Academy of Physician Associate Educators.